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Honda has a new Odyssey that comes equipped with a vacuum to remove all traces of tiny messy passengers – an innovation sure to appeal to moms (and dads) currently driving or considering a minivan. Honda also gets that the elusive mommy blogger who seems to be the target of so many brands is on Twitter. And that she most likely enjoyed the sitcom “The Office.” Enter the promoted tweet:


This promoted tweet from Rainn Wilson is sure to stimulate curiosity, sucking in viewers and potential buyers to the following video spot:

Honda’s “Owner’s Manual” commercial is cute and effectively illustrates the benefits of its innovative feature: the first mini van with a built-in vacuum. It works even without the star power…which is important, because many people who stumble upon the spot without the help of Wilson’s promoted tweet won’t realize he is the voice of the gummy bear when they see it.

In fact, I didn’t realize that Neil Patrick Harris also lends his voice to the spot until I did a little research. That’s right, the “How I Met Your Mother Star” (and let’s not forget “Doogie Howser”) voices the lint ball. No surprise, then, that Harris is tapped for the promoted tweet as well:


Together, both stars have about 10 million followers who see their organic tweets. And thanks to these promoted tweets done in the ironic / sarcastic tone for which the actors are known, millions more fans who may not be followers will make the connection to Honda and consider viewing the video. Most importantly, video viewers will get the message that the 2014 Honda Odyssey’s built-in vacuum can rid their automotive interior worlds of gummy bears and lint balls…

In one fell Twitter swoop, Honda has upped the cool of minivans – and that’s no easy task.

~ @AdvertGirl, The S3 Agency 


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