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Hoofah! OPI’s Viral Video as Innovative as its Nail Polish Color Names

In their first-ever digital short, OPI – the nail polish brand known for its fun manicure monikers – puts color on a the hooves of a dancing horse. And it works. The horse, named “Lady in Black” (for one of the brand’s most popular colors, known in America as Black Onyx) is pitted in a dance off against four different dancers (one for each hoof…). One by one, this agile equine outmoves a ballet dancer (PINK-ing of You), a tap dancer (RED My Fortune Cookie), a flashdance-type of artist (No Room for the Blues) and a hip hop fly girl (Need SUNglasses). It may sound corny, but OPI pulls it together gorgeously in a video with high production value – and high interest, at least, for those who like horses, nail polish and dance. That covers about 93% of women, showing that these leaders in lacquer know their audience. Besides, since manicures are one of the top-shared images on social media, it made sense for OPI to take the viral video plunge. ~@AdvertGirl


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