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How Double-Hit PR Can Get Your Brand More Media Attention

Editors, journalists, and producers get 500+ emails each day. No wonder it’s harder than ever to get your brand a strong share of media attention. That’s especially true if your brand is one that they don’t already know and love.

So how can your public relations efforts break through to this busy audience and result in increased media coverage? Stop thinking about the quickest way to pitch “the media” – ie, email blasts – and start focusing on the marketing mindset. “The Press” is made up of people to whom we are basically selling; they are consumers – only what they are consuming from us is pitches, not widgets. When we apply our knowledge of effective ways to reach consumers, including incorporating current marketing trends, new paths emerge.

“Double-Hit PR” is one such path that has been helping get our clients even more media attention than before. What’s Double-Hit PR? It’s a one-two punch that combines two of the hardest-hitting communication trends – personalization and content creation. Not only does it break through the email deluge, it also has 2x as much coverage possibility.

Here are the key components for getting more media attention with Double-Hit PR:

1.) It Starts with a Mailer. Yes, I’m talking about direct mail, and I can guarantee your target press contacts are getting far fewer pieces of physical mail than emails. Your direct mailer therefore has a much better chance of getting noticed than your email, especially if you…

2.) Make it Gram-worthy. How many of those mailers are so creative that the recipients want to take the time to snap a pic and upload to social media like Instagram? Instagram has given brands a new way to engage editors. Use it: take a creative approach that visually designs a “must share” element into your media mailer. Again, think about the press as people who are compelled to share amazing discoveries – just like you and I – and make this level of appeal one of your key outreach criteria.

3.) Personalize It. This goes way beyond inserting someone’s name and media outlet. I’m talking about doing a little sleuthing on each of your target press members – recognizing that quality > quantity. Finding their social accounts shouldn’t be hard; they often promote their social handles as a way to promote themselves. Review their posts so that you can get a good sense of who they are, what they like to do, etc. Then let that influence how you personalize at least one element of the mailer to make receiving it a “must share” moment.

The concept is simple

Although it takes time to think of and execute brilliantly. 1) break through email clutter with physical mail, 2) have something so clever that it is worthy of sharing, 3) make at least one element so special and/or personalized that it speaks to them and demands a social share: THIS IS THE FIRST PR HIT.

The second PR hitcomes from whether or not your brand inspires or fits into an article or segment– and the more aligned your recipients are with your messaging, the better your chance of that media coverage.

Double-Hit PR creates a new way for your brand to be invited into the editor’s office. Note: Social Media Coverage Is Not the Sole Goal of Double-Hit PR. But it does have tremendous value. Not only does it create a relationship with the journalist and increase their awareness of your product, but the media has friends who are also in the media. They follow each other on social. And those other editors and producers will see their buddy’s post – and be intrigued about your brand as well.

First-Hit PR: An Example of a Media Social ShareDouble Hit PR Media Attention Skeery

Here’s an example of first-hit PR that resulted from our outreach on behalf of the coffee brand Eight O’Clock. We crafted a media mailer that teased what was inside, and instructed the press to whom it was addressed to NOT OPEN until a certain date. That created a sense of interest and intrigue among the recipients, including Skeery Jones – one of the primary team members of the Z100 morning show.

Skeery turned the “unboxing” into an entertaining video that became his Snapchat story of the day. He also shared that story across his other social channels. And who follows Skeery? LOTS OF PEOPLE, including consumers and other media members. All of his followers were able to see Skeery get up close and personal with Eight O’Clock Coffee…and for many, it was the first time they ever heard of the brand.

Granted, not every radio personality is going to go to the lengths that Skeery went to here. But even a simple Instagram photo should be considered a strong organic placement for your brand.

Getting media attention for your brand starts with getting the attention of, well, the media. Double-Hit PR starts here too – then gives your brand twice the opportunity to be featured by the press.

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