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How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

Promoting the premiere of the second half of Season 3 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, AMC created a billboard aimed to delight and disturb onlookers. This billboard displaying two “zombified” in Union Station in Toronto was revealed on January 31st. Like most hands (zombifieid or not), each was comprised of 5 fingers. Each day the premiere inched closer, a finger was removed from the hands – indicating the remaining days until the show’s premiere on February 10th. AMC took the ad further by bringing it into the social arena. Using the hashtag #twdfeb10, fans could tweet photos of themselves standing next to the billboard to be entered for a chance to win one of the ten detached fingers.

Now, with only two days left until the premier, the billboard stands tall with a mere two fingers attached. Is the ad great or gruesome? Will Rick’s group of survivors be able to take down the Governor? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

~ @TheMattChuChu (Social media at The S3 Agency)


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