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Is Acura’s TLX 2015 Ad Campaign “That Kind of Thrill”?

Acura recently launched their biggest ad campaign ever. The campaign supports the new 2015 Acura TLX, which merges their TL and TSX models. The campaign tagline – “IT’S THAT KIND OF THRILL” – aims to bring back Acura’s luxury audience that declined when they transitioned to a more technological approach.

The first spot to hit television screens, “My Way,” depicts several mechanics, engineers and workers going through what appears to be an incredibly rigorous process of developing the new TLX. Set to a modern version of Frank Sinatra’s signature song, this commercial received a lot of flak. Acura left consumers confused, bored and irritated: people expected to see a classy, sporty car and were instead overwhelmed by the punk rock sounds of the Sex Pistols ex-bassist, Sid Vicious.

A half-dozen shorter commercials were then released, and this is where Acura started turning things around. The ad that caught my eye, or should I say ear, was the “Whatever Ludacris Is Doing Right Now” 15-second spot. A familiar tune (Pimpin’ All Over the World) and a luxurious setting piqued my interest and kept me around till the end. A much more fitting soundtrack, the Ludacris ad makes the TLX seem VIP, exclusive, high end…even thrilling, can we say? That’s what I believe Acura was shooting for.

 Other 15-second commercials in the campaign included: a Spanish matador about to take on a bull, a man the second before an apple is shot off his head, and a human cannonball moments before he takes flight. These represented the brand far better than the “My Way” commercial – yet they are still a far cry from what Acura enthusiasts expect from the brand. Perhaps that’s just what Acura wants after all.

~ Sarah Yeager, PR Associate, The S3 Agency


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