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Is James Patterson’s New Book Launch the Bomb?

Would you spend close to $300,000 dollars to read a book? Probably not, but will it get you talking about the book? I’d say. Best selling author James Patterson has launched an outrageous and unique campaign for his latest book Private Vegas. Patterson is selling one self destructing copy of his book in what would be an experience of a lifetime for a mere $294,038. They will get a first-class flight to a secret luxury location, have dinner with Patterson, and have a bomb squad handle the book while they read at a safe distance with gold binoculars. The stunt has been making headlines and is a first for the publishing industry.

Are extreme PR stunts the new trend for publishing? Could be. I think it depends on the success of this exploding book. Hopefully no one gets injured in this dangerous and thrilling reading experience. 

~ Samantha Banner, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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