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Is Kenneth Cole High?

A few weeks ago I was in Manhattan and saw the latest Kenneth Cole billboard on the West Side Highway. I’ve been meaning to write about it since then, but I’ve been distracted by all of the holiday adverts. I’ve been high on the holidays, if you will. Which leads me to Kenneth Cole’s newest headline: Should Everyone Have the Right to Get High (Tops)?

Clever as always, the brand continues to push boundaries while tying into pop culture. With marijuana becoming more and more legal across the US, the subject of regulating an individual’s mood-altering substance of choice is “high” on the water cooler chat scale. But does it work with footwear?

If you believe that fashion choices and marijuana usage should both be controlled by people not government, this is a slam dunk. And if you don’t, this is a great conversation starter – hence @KennethCole’s creation of #HASHtag to “join the debate.”

As long as Kenneth Cole is ok with people wearing other brands on their feet while they tweet, I think the brand has once again found a smart way to express their uniqueness.

~ Denise Blasevick, @AdvertGirl and CEO, The S3 Agency


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