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Is Samsung’s “Wall Huggers” the Brand’s Most Compelling Ad Yet?

I love my iPhone. At least, that’s what I tell myself. The reality is I’m used to my iPhone…including the fact that I’m constantly on the hunt for a power source to keep my ever-low battery charged. Samsung’s new commercial for the Galaxy S5 exploits the iPhone’s greatest weakness, calling iPhone users “wall huggers” who are “tethered to the wall” with their charger cords. Up until now, “plugged in” had a positive connotation – but when one sees the unfortunate iPhone users enslaved to power outlets in an airport, those who have been in that situation (including me) may start to wonder if the iPhone is, indeed, worth their loyalty.

The brand has done something brilliant with this spot: it’s not about tech-spertise. It’s not about bigger screen. It’s not about being cool. What Samsung’s new ad does is awake iPhone users from their Apple-defensive comas with a reminder that mobile phones are supposed to free you from plugging in. I remember my pre-smartphones that would last for days on a single charge. Samsung appears to be promising me I can get that back, complete with all of the features I expect from a Smart Phone.

Will I continue to be a pitiful wall hugger when my contract is up? This is the first time I can honestly say I’m not sure…which means the commercial is doing it’s job. And it’s not just speaking to me: almost 700,000 have elected to watch this :60 spot on YouTube within the first day it aired. Looks like Samsung is trying to let power-outlet-freedom ring in time for July 4!

~ Denise Blasevick, @AdvertGirl & CEO, The S3 Agency


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