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Is Your Ad Taking Customers Out Of The Experience?

Going to the movies has become a rare treat for me. I have to really want to see the film, deem it worthy of being viewed on a big screen, and be willing to part with 23 dollars (I could own the movie for less when it comes out on DVD). 

Perhaps you’ve noticed that a movie’s start time is theoretical, usually happening 20 minutes after it should, and that’s mostly because of commercials. Unlike my living room, where I can mute the TV and walk away, at the movies I am forced to watch what is usually just a TV commercial but bigger and louder. Then come trailers, which really are just commercials for other movies – and I can see those trailers online whenever I want.

Sadly, this commercial assault has found its way to live performances as well. Over Thanksgiving weekend, my family and I went to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. Before the performance started, an announcer came on to tell us about all the wonderful sponsorships for the show, and once again, I was forced to listen. For 10 long minutes.

But the worst offender by far took place during the show. A big LED wall would change the background during each scene, and the show’s biggest sponsor, Chase Bank, found a way to put a bank or logo in the background of almost each one. A Chase bank in the North Pole? Sure. A Chase bank at the mall, complete with ATM? Why not. Santa stopping at the bank? Why yes, makes sense. It even dominates the logo for the show.

Things like long pre rolls and glaring product placement only serve to take me out of the experience that I paid to be a part of, and that’s a big turn off. Which means many companies could use a new advertising strategy. Moderation.

~ Mike D’Ambrosio, Interactive Art Director, The S3 Agency


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