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Jargon Is Also Included

I thought “inclusion” was jewelry jargon for the little mineral dots in gemstones – and those types of inclusions are very bad, say, for the value diamonds.

However, according to the headline on this Sandals brochure, “inclusion” is also resort jargon for “the cool stuff that is included in the price.” Equally apparently, no one pointed out to the folks at Sandals Whitehouse that it’s usually best to use plain English in your marketing communications. What’s the harm in using the word “included” – you know, the word that everyone knows and that would clearly communicate the benefits you are offering at this all-included (not all-inclusion) vacation destination?

Will all of the stunning on-location photography inside this brochure compensate for an unintelligible headline? I’m going with “probably,” especially if people notice that they can save up to 65% off their time in a tropical paradise. (Personally, I’d like to spend 100% of my vacation in a tropical paradise actually at the tropical paradise, but for those who want to save 65% of their time…) But when you’re selling relaxation and indulgence, it’s probably a good idea to sound a little less corporate and a little more laid back. 

~ Adam Schnitzler, @aschnitz & CCO, The S3 Agency


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