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Jingle Belle: Actress Takes Stanley Steemer Jingle Viral

Love them or hate them, advertising jingles are the ultimate ear worms. So when New York theater actress Mia Gentile wanted to put together a demo to showcase her voice over abilities, she turned to a tune she knew well: the iconic jingle for Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner. In a video released a few weeks ago, Gentile covers the carpet cleaner’s catchy commercial in virtually every music genre – rockabilly, opera, goth and much more – complete with costumes and choreography. While there is no paid affiliation between the brand and the artist, the latter is certainly gaining notoriety (if not audition opportunities) based on hundreds of thousands of YouTube views – and Stanely Steemer is getting some fun, free publicity. Win win.

~ Nicole Mazewski, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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