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“Just Do It” Was Only the Beginning

Nike “Unlimited”: Advertising Worthy of a Gold Medal

Unlimited Future

Unlimited greatness is all I can say about Nike’s newest “Unlimited You” campaign. Perfectly paired with the Olympic games and its undeniably well-known “Just Do It” tagline, these ads uplift and promote positivity in a world of body shaming and discrimination.

“Unlimited” does a fantastic job of celebrating famous athletes while personalizing the campaign to the everyday athlete; highlighting that anyone can write the ending to their own story. With these ads, Nike reminds us that impossible-like stories aren’t impossible. That pushing our limits no matter our age, sex, or race, and overcoming setbacks and losses is all a part of the journey to greatness.

In days of the “it’s not fair” generation and social media bashing – even a two-time Olympian and a gold medalist isn’t a stranger to shaming – the campaign struck a cord with consumers around the globe. Why? It promotes potential and the ability the dream. It connects with consumers through a lightheartedness and celebratory tone. And it encourages ALL athletes, not just the Lebrons and Jeters of the world, to push themselves. It’s no surprise that 34% of consumers remembered seeing the campaign, making it one of the most effective TV spots of the Olympics.

Well done Nike. Well done.



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