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Klout Marketing: Discounts Based on Score

This falls in the “I wish I’d thought of this” department. For those who question whether or not Klout scores are meaningful, Gilt Group just kicked that doorway in. Per Mashable, the flash sale site has partnered with Klout to introduce a new perk: discounts based on your Klout score. (Don’t know what Klout is? Please watch this.) 

What’s the deal? Well, starting tomorrow, Gilt Group will start offering Klout perks to people based on their Klout scores, in the form of discounts. How big? As much as 100% off for those with incredibly high scores (81-100%). The rollout will begin by being offered to those with lower scores (and lower discount amounts), however – which is an interesting twist, since you usually need a higher score to get a perk.

Why is this genius? Three reasons:

1. Those with low scores will partake, since they don’t get many Klout perks.

2. Those with high scores, who get inundated with Klout perks, will partake because the discount is significant. (My discount would be 60%!)

3. People across the Klout score board will talk about it.

Want to know more about this smart, smart, smart marketing ploy? Details here

~ Denise Blasevick, @AdvertGirl & CEO, The S3 Agency


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