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LaCroix: From Mom Drink to Millennial Obsession

Seemingly out of nowhere, a fizzy beverage called La Croix started popping up all over the place this year, becoming the next Millennial obsession. I first started noticing the brand name through social media by both friends and popular media outlets. Then, when a can showed up on a desk here at S3, I had to find out what the deal was.

Interestingly, I had never seen a single LaCroix advertisement of any sort. I had never even heard of the stuff before it was lurking behind every corner. After a little investigating, I was surprised to discover that LaCroix had actually been around for quite a while. According to Vox, the multi-flavored (15 to be exact), zero-calorie sparkling water was “the favorite drink among Midwestern moms” in the 90s.

So how did this mom-approved  beverage become a Millennial must-have? Besides its flashy retro design, LaCroix’s lack of traditional advertising appealed to Millennials’ value of authenticity. Lifestyle bloggers started pushing LaCroix as a healthy alternative to soda, and their loyal readers catapulted the drink into national popularity. There’s even a website where you can design your own LaCroix and then tweet your creation. Again, more Millennial appeal.

In fbroke-college-student-5818b5e180f2d0337a88e6d1ull disclosure, I’m not a big seltzer fan. I am, however, a sucker for 90s-inspired trends, so I couldn’t resist making my own seasonal LaCroix flavor – showing just how engaging the brand can be even for those of us who aren’t regular customers. And as LaCroix knows, word-of-mouth is key for success with Millennials.


Will LaCroix stay on top or will the brand fizzle out? Only time will tell. But since the drink’s appeal is based not only on its cool factor but also its clean ingredients, affordability, and availability, it stands a good chance at being more than a fad (again).



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