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Let’s Get Social: Tradigital News (9/8/17 Edition)

What goes on in the world of social when we’re not on it? Well, it continues to progress, advance, and evolve. New tools, features, and apps arise all the time. Some of them stick around, some of them die off, and some of these ideas get copied by other companies (Cough Cough Facebook Cough Cough).

Our world is filled with distractions, physical and digital distractions. So, how do we stay updated without going absolutely insane following all the social media trends? Well that’s why I am here. (It seemed like a perfect fit seeing how I am already a little bit crazy…. Who said that?) Without any more delays, I will let my alter ego start us off:

Lets begin:

That’s All for this week. Yeah… what he said. TGIF! Adios!


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