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Lettering Reborn

I am very excited about the resurgence of hand lettering, the opportunities available, and the quality of work being produced. Hand lettering is a pleasant counterpart to the plethora of fonts available today. I think its rebirth has a lot to do with the personal connection it evokes, the craftsmanship, and the flexibility. Hand lettering can express whimsy or elegance, be free-flowing or very controlled, look old school or current.

The difference between lettering and typography can often be confusing. To help clarify, typography is the skill of setting type; it involves the placement or arrangement of pre-designed letters. Lettering can be simply defined as the art of drawing letters. 

Usually, the task of illustrating letterforms is uniquely crafted for a specific purpose. Take notice of movie titles, magazine and book covers, advertising—hand lettering is appearing everywhere. Think about the creativity and artistry required, look for distinctive characteristics and the message that’s being communicated. But most importantly, simply enjoy the visual experience.

~ Lisa Schroeder, Graphic Designer, The S3 Agency


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