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Spoiler Alert for Mad Men fans who have not yet seen the season with Jaguar Cars (in which case, you’re really not much of a Mad Men fan, are you?).

Jaguar is a very “alive” brand these days. Not just because their ad campaign focuses on the lifelike qualities of the beast within their cars – but because their marketing team gets today’s world – today’s customer – today’s communications. When Mad Men brought Jaguar into this past season without the knowledge of Jaguar, there were some sordid bits of the storyline. But did Jaguar complain, outcry against it, or even threaten legal action? No. They got that it was cool to be part of this fashionable show, and they went with it…something I find incredibly brave, smart and refreshing.

Last night, I was doubly impressed: I had the pleasure of attending the Jaguar-Playboy Party at Pebble Beach, and who showed up? Bunnies, sure. Throngs of luxury living car enthusiasts. But of course. Celebs? Why, yes – but not just any celeb. Christina Hendricks – Joanie herself, who had to sleep with a fictitious Jaguar executive on the show in order for Don Draper to land the account – was the special guest Jaguar arranged to delight visitors. In this photo, she is peering into the Jaguar XJL Ultimate, as Adrian Brody speaks with Jag’s head of design, Ian Callum.

While Ms. Hendricks was in the spotlight, several Playboy bunnies also captured the interest (and camera phone photos) of party-goers.

Wyclef Jean made an appearance (shown here with me!):

More than 500 people were there, soaking in vintage Jaguars, vintage Playboy covers, photo booths, live music, delectable food, flowing champagne and the ambiance of a private estate just off of 17-Mile Drive. Wow.

One last thing: my company had the privilege of creating the invitation for this swanky affair.


Now back to reality…

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