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Meme Mural In-A-Minute Leaves Lasting Impression for Behr

Behr has found an interesting way to paint itself into the homes / apartments / studios of trendy 20-/30-something-year-olds: by sponsoring a project on BuzzFeed, a current source for all who are current. The project involves the artist Mr. Kiji, whose work is web-inspired – or in this case, meme inspired. Mr. Kiji uses Behr paint to create a mural out of Internet memes, including Corgi in a lobster suit, Ermahgerd, Minihorse and more – and the entire process is captured in a slightly-more-than-a-minute video that is both fun and fascinating to watch. Naturally, the mural (which now hangs in the BuzzFeed offices) and its creation process are getting prominent push from BuzzFeed. And bingo, the audience is reached – the way Behr wants to reach it.

Behr really only gets one close up shot showing its packaging at the beginning of the video…which is one of the reasons I think this is so effective. Behr gets that today’s audience doesn’t want to be bombarded with logos – especially not via digital / social media. They want to feel the experience…and here, they get that Behr products are being used to create this übercool meme masterpiece. The next time they decide to paint something (which may just be sooner than expected, thanks to this video), Behr will be remembered – if not on their shopping lists. Mission accomplished.

Additionally, this is not a solo effort. Behr has grasped the importance of BuzzFeed (and how to work with them) in terms of connecting with (hopefully) future consumers, and this is just one element of a multi-tiered partnership between the brand and the Buzz. Reach and frequency – that traditional formula still works, it just has to be approached differently today.

Enjoy the video:

~ @AdvertGirl, CEO, The S3 Agency


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