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Bravo to Mercedes for A) hiring an agency creative enough to think of this concept and B) allowing the agency to execute their clucking perfect idea. It takes a lot to convince a car company to make a commercial without showing their car at all – especially when the cars are stunning to look at. But somehow, someway, Mercedes’ agency managed to take the creative brief for the car maker’s stability control technology (“Magic Body Control”), chew it up, and spit out dancing chickens whose heads remain perfectly still as they groove to Diana Ross’ “Upside Down.” Was there ever a better commercial for stability control? The answer is no. And THAT is exactly why this spot is going viral and will reach more people with news of this technology than any brochure ever could. 

(Thanks, Stefanie Fernandez, for bringing this egg-cellent spot to my attention!)

~ @AdvertGirl (The S3 Agency)


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