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Microsoft Gets Edgy, Tries to Force Cool


Since you have the wherewithal to find and read this cleverly constructed piece of code, I’ll assume you’re familiar with Internet Explorer, the browser you used before you knew other browsers existed. Starting with the Microsoft 10 operating system, Internet Explorer will be replaced with Microsoft Edge as the system’s default browser.

Contrary to us tech-savvy types who have strong opinions about Net Neutrality and make quips about Norton being our computer’s only virus, there’s a silent majority who refer to the swooshy blue “e” as “The Internet Button.” To appease my grandmother and her penchant for feel-good philanthropic efforts (and Bill O’Reilly fanpages), Microsoft has left the icon largely intact, giving it a new hairdo rather than a full facelift. As an aside, the author can’t help but notice the striking similarity between the logo’s new lettuce and his own aggressive undercut. Buzz off, Edge, get your own look, I rightfully stole this from Michael Pitt.


The new name is…perplexing. “Edge” is as uninspired as naming your medieval newborn out of wedlock son Jon Snow. Verizon, the WWE, Ford, and every independent video game developer has significant stock in an “Edge.” I’d expect “Internet” to find its way onto the default desktop icon text to alleviate any confusion from those who are unfamiliar with PCs.

We’ll see the actual interface on display with the unveiling of Windows 10, but I can’t help but think this is, at best, a lateral move for Microsoft. Trying to distance yourself from the previous brand via a bland name rehash and minor cosmetic tweaks may not be worth the headaches caused by changing an established, necessary aspect of the Internet experience for those who don’t know what a browser is.    

~ Chase Cambria, Jr. Copywriter and Undercut Sporter, The S3 Agency


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