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Although he certainly has made his share of dollars as a brand spokesperson, one of the reasons Derek Jeter commands such a high pricetag in the commercial world is because he is believable. On the field and off, Jeter has consistently held himself to the high standards of simply being a good human being. He is more than commercial…and therefore it’s no surprise that an ad about him is more than a commercial. Gatorade’s farewell spot to the retiring captain of the New York Yankees is a tribute to his greatness.

According to reports, Gatorade roped off a few New York blocks and let their third-longest brand endorser just do his thing. The spot captures the reactions of real people as Jeter is saying more than goodbye – he is saying thank you. It smacks of cinéma vérité, as we believe that Jeter’s kind interactions are genuine and not just for the camera. It may even bring a tear to some eyes. And it certainly will go viral. 

Published today, the Gatorade video that is markedly absent of Gatorade product and branding is already at 400,000 views. I’m curious to see how many millions have watched it in 24 hours. Now excuse me while I get a tissue…

~ Denise Blasevick, @AdvertGirl & Yankees Fan, The S3 Agency


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