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New Jersey Branding Agency Campaign Review: Angel Soft

Angel Soft has rolled out their latest rendition of their video series, “Be Soft, Be Strong” – and it’s sure to touch your heart! The campaign continues to build strong emotional messaging in a way that is very different for toilet paper brands. As a New Jersey Branding Agency, we are impressed with the campaign’s fearlessness. It takes a bold new approach, focusing on families instead of the product.

“Be Soft, Be Strong” kicked off last June with a celebratory spot wishing single mothers a happy Father’s Day. Right away, it became a widely shared viral hit. By shifting their marketing approach to focus on relatable family stories, Angel Soft broke through the clutter. The spot’s power comes from highlighting the rough and sensitive moments of parenthood. Toilet paper is very real…it seems that Angel Soft is taking that to heart with their brand. It’s easy to see why this has grabbed the attention of so many viewers.

The Latest Series

The latest series features a spot dubbed, “Just Dad”, a single father tries his best to raise his daughter through life’s obstacles. Unlike the “Father’s Day for Mom” spot, this one brings Angel Soft tissue into the story. After all, it’s part of many life moments, from toddler care to wiping teenage tears.Other new campaign installments also surround’s life’s moments in the rest room, from pregnancy (with many late-night bathroom runs) to a boy’s first break up. This increases the relevance of the brand to the spot, which was an important next step for the campaign.

Emotionally driven campaigns that make a lasting impact will always make a great impression with me. This one for Angel Soft certainly did the job. Our New Jersey Branding Agency loved it. Bold and groundbreaking work like this inspires us. Kudos to the brand for killing the game on family storytelling.



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