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New Jersey CPG Advertising Analysis: Shower Beer

The S3 Agency is one of the leading New Jersey CPG Advertising Agencies. So every once in awhile, we like to take a look at what other CPG advertisers are doing. One of the most interesting recent examples comes from overseas. It’s Shower Beer, the new in-house brew of Sweden-based creative powerhouse Snask. Crafted in concert with their client, PangPang Brewery, the agency has put a sophisticated branding sheen on a college-aged classic.

Great Beer, Small Bottles

The 180 ml (~6 oz) bottles are meant to be guzzled in 3 gulps. As someone who choked through college trying my very best to shotgun beers, this is a welcome deviation from the norm. The average hand engulfs these diminutive bottles, so it’s imperative that the contents inside are poppin’ with punch. Whereas most pale ales float around 4-6% alcohol by volume, Shower Beer boasts a bolder 10% ABV to get the night off on the right foot. Clearly, a lot of thought, guile, and in-hand testing went into this labor of love, and it’s always nice when agency’s pet project makes a chunk of change back. (Their second batch is currently being brewed in response to public demand.)

As someone working at a New Jersey CPG Advertising Agency (as well as a beer lover), what really gets me singing the high praises of this execution is the use of bubbles as a design element. To my knowledge, it’s the first “live-action” element I’ve seen on a brand identity sheet. The result is bursting with character. The brown bottle and pink crinkle-cap (it’s a shower cap!) frolic with those sudsy white bubbles and their rainbow-refracted glean. The concept alone has shattered my concept of what’s possible within a brand. It’s so obvious, so “Duh,” so fitting, that I never conceived of incorporating natural elements into unnatural product posturing. I’m not anticipating live-action textures will be the new Helvetica, but I’d love to see a subscription meal box embrace black wild rice.


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