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NJ Branding Campaign Review: Durex

From time to time, The S3 Agency likes to take a look at recent campaigns that have caught the public’s attention. The latest head-turner is from Durex. Everyone at our NJ Branding agency was impressed by this, uh, slick and clever campaign.

This Friday marks the inauguration of Donald Trump to the 45th Presidency of the United States. And while politicians have long been the subject of jokes, it seems that Trump has been the brunt of an unprecedented amount of bad gifs, memes, comedic impressions and parodies. So it comes as no surprise that when Durex lubricants released their new ad featuring the President elect, they pulled no punches. Whether you’re an international marketer or an NJ Branding Agency, we can all appreciate the humor of this bold and fearless campaign.

I myself did not vote for Trump nor did I believe he would actually “get in.” But low and behold he did and this made for a great advertisement for Durex ‘s personal lubricants. The headline is simple: Get in. Anywhere. Really. Anywhere. The double entendre, a simple product shot and a photo of Trump and you have a great ad – one that people from both sides of the political fence can appreciate. No Really.


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