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No charger, no internet, no loading time.

I loved Play-Doh as a child. I still love Play-Doh. My daughter loves Play-Doh. Unfortunately my daughter No Loading Time Playdohloves her electronic devices much more, and that seems to be on-trend with today’s kids. Play-Doh’s new ad campaign is taking on the challenge…as only Play-Doh can.

This great campaign directed towards children in the age of internet takes some of the modern web’s most recognizable digital icons – the buffering circle, the shopping cart, the App store updates, along with the battery charge – and transforms them into tiny Play-Doh sculptures. The message is clear: put down the tablets and the smart phones, step away from the laptops and flat screen monitors and get your hands on some Play-Doh instead. Because really, creativity requires no batteries or electrical outlets.

The ads, which come from from South Africa’s Two AM, are executed with pure simplicity – appropriately for the Play-Doh brand. A wash of pastel color serves as the background on which the digital icon is created out of Play-Doh itself. The headlines, crafted out of the Play-Doh-like font, emphasize No In App Purchases Playdohthe benefits of playing with Play-Doh by putting a spin on the high-tech phrases that have become part of our daily existence. The combination of simplicity and cleverness is exactly what the Play-Doh brand is about – after all, all of our modern technology came from people who were once kids who probably played with Play-Doh.

And who says Play-Doh is just for kids? Why not keep a jar or two of the squishy material on your desk and give your eyes a rest once in a while. You might discover your inner sculptor…

~ Mike Kolatac, Associate Creative Director, The S3 Agency


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