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None More Black…OR IS THERE?

Topping my list of comedies is the legendary music mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap. This now classic movie parodies all things heavy metal and hard rock through the eyes and actions of a fictitious British rock band named Spinal Tap. During a discussion of their new record cover for “Smell the Glove,” (censored into a simple flood of black and nothing else), guitarist Nigel Tufnel points out “It’s like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.” Well apparently it can get more black, as a recent invention shows.

A British company has produced Vantablack, a new material that is so black you can’t even see it. As the article cites: The material is so dark that if someone wore a dress made out of it, their head and limbs “might appear to float incorporeally around a dress-shaped hole.”

Goths may want to hold off on the rejoicing, however, as the material probably won’t make it into a clothing line anytime soon. What Vantablack will be used for is more serious, astronomical cameras, telescopes and infrared scanning systems to function more effectively – as well as military uses which, of course, remain top secret. Read more about it here.

~ Mike Kolatac, Associate Creative Director, The S3 Agency

Editor’s Note: There’s something to be said for the branding of Spinal Tap, which continues to live on decades after the movie was shown in theaters.


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