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Now that’s some good looking pasta!

I like good design. I also like pasta.

When shopping at my local market I usually grab for one of the many “blue boxes” that seem to be the norm for most pasta packaging. It’s just semolina flour, egg, salt and water. Right?  I’m not picky. But the right packaging can help any product stand out, even commoditized pasta. That is clearly illustrated with these packaging concepts designed by Moscow-based designer Nikita Konki.


Konki cleverly utilizes the product (in this case fettuccine, spaghetti, and cavatappi noodles), a line drawing of woman’s face and a die cut window to create beautiful, attention-getting packaging. He showcases the product with the layering, shape and textures of the pasta that peek out the window behind the woman’s face to create the illusion of wavy, curly, and even pin-straight style hairdos. Konkin also stripped down the packaging by using white boxes and a simple, yet beautiful type treatment. It’s both fun and sexy, which is something you generally don’t think about pasta packaging.  I half-expected to see her wink at me when I first looked at it.

There is one potential problem: I think I might even have trouble cooking it. I would probably just keep it on my shelf and admire it on a daily basis, which cuts down on re-purchase. But it would be a great gift basket item!

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