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Now that’s uncreative.

Whilst ambling through the supermarket aisles, I’m always on the lookout for a nifty new taste to try. And only because I’m avidly seeking did I even notice “Creative Snacks.” This should fire on all cylinders for me: something new, something healthy-ish, something billed as creative. That’s what the name “Creative Snacks” would imply to me. But take a look at this consumer packaged good:

What the heck is creative about yogurt-covered pretzels – or worse, about in-shell pistachios (which, I believe, is how they occur in nature)? What’s creative about the packaging? What’s creative about the display? What’s creative about anything except the name, which is creative for two reasons:

  1. It uses the word “creative.”
  2. It’s unintentionally ironic, since the word creative is the only creative aspect I can discern.

Now, admittedly, you’re setting the bar pretty high when you make “Creative” your brand name. So then at least try to meet expectations. Start with your branding – determine what your brand should mean and execute accordingly, starting with that ho-hum logo. Then give me some crazy rainforesty-type ingredient combined with some new type of grain. Give me awesome, eye-catching packaging that feels creative – and give it to me in something other than the run-of-the-mill, generic-looking bags. Display it in a unique way, too. Show me you’re trying, Creative Snacks, and then I’ll be willing to give you a try.

~ @AdvertGirl, CEO, The S3 Agency


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