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Oscar Mayer Gives New Meaning To “Wake ‘n Bac(on)”

What’s better than waking up to the smell of bacon being cooked in the kitchen (by someone else)? Nothing, it seems. However, Oscar Mayer has introduced a clever runner-up: a bacon alarm clock app that attaches to your iPhone, releasing whiffs of savory goodness and sounds of unmistakeable sizzle. That’s right: it transforms your iPhone into a Bacon Scent Alarm Clock. The bacon scent alarm adds a new dimension of phone gadgetry enjoyment. It ties nicely into mornings – perhaps encouraging people to have a little more bacon during the work week by waking up earlier, rather than relegating its deliciousness to weekend enjoyment. It also taps into the unique Pavlovian-response inducing smell that may not belong solely to Oscar Mayer, but as the largest player in the bacon wars anything that’s good for bacon is good for Oscar Mayer.

The down side? (Other than potentially annoying the vegan in the bed next to you, who probably still likes the smell of bacon and may even be settling for tempeh “Fakin’ Bacon”…) Only 4,700 bacon fans will be lucky enough to receive this sensory device. To try and claim one, just go to their website: https://www.wakeupandsmellthebacon.com/. You may have the bacon gods smile upon you…or you may be greeted with an apology from this guy:

Should you be unable to join the elite 4,700 owners of this smell-tastic device, however, you can download the Oscar Mayer Wake Up & Smell the Bacon free app. You won’t get the scent, but the sizzling sounds may just provide enough reason to get out of bed.

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