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Pardon me…are you worthy of being Grey Poupon’s fan on Facebook?

For those who work in social media, there is often a tug of war between getting enough fans and getting the right fans. Quality versus quantity is an ever-present issue. Not so for Grey Poupon – the fancy Dijon mustard that had children of the ‘80’s motioning to drivers and passengers everywhere to roll down their windows (remember rolling down windows?!) to ask in an affected, pseudo British accent, if they had any Grey Poupon. 

The company recently launched a social media campaign that focuses exclusively on the quality of fans. Before being admitted into the Facebook-based Grey Poupon “Society of Good Taste,” a potential fan’s profile will be checked for proper grammar, location, and taste in art, literature and fine food to ensure they meet the standards of the brand.

Perhaps there is something to the allure of exclusivity. When the program launched on 9/12/12, they had about 20,000 fans. Five days later, Grey Poupon’s Facebook page is 33,000 elite fans strong.   

 Is this a successful way to generate excitement and interest in a brand that’s been quiet for several years while reinforcing the key messages of the brand? But of course!

~ Ali Greco, The S3 Agency


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