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Periscope: Best Thing I’ve Seen on the Internet Today

What Brands Can Learn from Periscope Pioneers about Connecting to Consumers in the Moment


Periscope Pioneer: Anita Wing is bringing people together virtually for live meditation.

People use the internet for anything and everything. Working in advertising, this is not news. Today I had the pleasure of witnessing people using the net for good – on Periscope!


Periscope is still a pretty new app, one brands and people are still figuring out. It seems like a lot of parties are using the app to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into events, which is all good. Sadly, I would have to be really interested in the brand, celebrity, or event to sit down and tune in.


Today I had a change of heart. Apparently you can follow people on Periscope to join them in guided meditation, which I think is fantastic. While there are plenty of guided meditation videos on YouTube, there is something about joining someone live to meditate that I find magical. I enjoy meditating when it is offered at the end of my favorite hot yoga class, but it’s not something I often do on my own. Thanks to Twitter’s live-action app, now I can be notified when others are meditating – and I can tune in to join in. That’s wonderful.


I’ve been checking out Anita Wing, a 25-year-old Canadian who is currently volunteering in Greece. Anita started Global Meditation Scope, which was the first international meditation movement on Periscope in December. Using a platform like this to promote well being and create a space for people to take a break and connect with themselves is a refreshing take on social media as a whole.


If brands want to elevate their Periscope activity, take a cue from Ms. Wing and make the experience meaningful in the moment.


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