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Pinvesting in Pinterest Video Ads

Pinterest joined other social platform giants with letting brands create full video ads. More video options are great for marketers across all different platforms because there is a different audience for each platform. Now marketers can have even more fun.

Pinterest Video Ads

Video is one of the most effective ways to market over the internet. One third of internet activity is used watching video. 90% of users who see these videos say they’re helpful in the decision making process of either purchasing or ignoring a product. Video ad viewers are 1.81 times more likely to purchase the product shown.

Seeing how most users are on mobile, Pinterest is offering mobile-only promoted posts. Viewers will see these posts as a “Cinematic Pin” – a GIF with six frames of the ad’s video – when scrolling through Pinterest.

This is where marketers have to get creative. The brand needs to draw the viewer in within the length of the viewer’s scroll. The frames must be chosen carefully and have enough call to action to get someone to click on the ad, thus triggering the full video. The video be horizontal, vertical, or square. Different sizes may draw people, in depending on how the ad is executed. As with each new development in the social media sphere, it’s time for brands to experiment and find out what works for them.

Pinterest offers in-depth analytics about ad visibility and performance. You pay per every 1,000 impressions – even if nobody clicks on your video ad. Pinterest also included a limit option so brands can prevent serving the same ad to the same person too many times. Not only does this help the message reach more people, it also prevents the negative feeling that accompanies ad bombardment.

Will marketers pinvest and get no return? That could hurt Pinterest’s reputation. Or will this provide the payoff Pinterest needs to keep up with other social networks out there? Pinterest video ads just launched a couple months ago, so we’ll have to wait and see.


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