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Print Me Some Dinner!

Edible Printing: From dot-matrix to dessert in our lifetimes.

Once upon a time, printers were massive, specialized machines that printed words and pictures on paper. In the very near future, instead of ink, 3-D printers will apparently be combining vitamins and amino acids to print delicious, realistic-looking meals. Check out this link from Wired Magazine:


Photo: A deep-fried space shuttle scallop built using Cornell’s Fab@Home 3-D food printer. Credit: Fab@Home

Early applications could be in hospitals and out in deep space. Remarkably, Star Trek’s food replicator might be closer than it had seemed. In a way, it’s a silver lining for all those nostalgic designers out there: in the future, print won’t be dead. It will be filling.

~ Adam Schnitzler, @ASchnitz1 & CCO, The S3 Agency


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