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Should we call them Buzzweiser?

Spoiler: this ad will melt your heart!

Budweiser rolled out a new Anti-Drinking & Driving ad urging people to drink responsibly while pulling on the heartstrings of people all around the world. The ad centers around the evolving bond between a man and his best bud (an adorable yellow lab), when one night he goes out drinking with his friends and doesn’t return. The emotional hook had us from start to finish, as the pup whimpers all night waiting for his owner.  We later discover he stays the night at a friend’s house rather than drive under the influence. The reunion between these two makes you reach for the tissue box and leaves you clutching your pet even more. The video ends with a powerful message, “Make it a plan to make it home. Your friends are counting on you.”

Maybe we should call them Buzzweiser: the video generated more than 18 million views and 267,000 social media interactions in just 2 weeks. This is one of the most effective anti-drinking and driving PSAs to ever hit the mainstream, reminding so many that the thought of leaving someone behind isn’t worth drinking and getting behind the wheel. 

~ Jazmine Rodriguez, Pet Lover & Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency 


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