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Spreadsheet Art: A New Form of Creative Advertising?

Spreadsheet Art. It’s a thing, actually.

When most people think about spreadsheets, they think about numbers and formulas, not a creative advertising campaign. Then they just about fall asleep — but that isn’t the case for renowned illustrators Marina Esmaraldo (Barcelona) and Mallory Heyer (New York). These two artists were brought together to push Google Sheets to its limits. With art, not numbers. And they sure did just thatCreative Advertising - Spreadsheets

After that, the two artists connected on Google Hangouts and created the idea that these extremely talented ladies ended up executing. How? By resizing cells into thousands of pixel-like squares, merging cells to create color blocks, vibrant color gradients with conditional formatting and cell values, and other cool things it turns out you can do with Google Sheets. Who knew?

As a result, this helped Google try to catch up to their main competitor, Microsoft Excel. On top of that, Google has also brought in Colossal Media to translate this art into a 13-foot by 34-foot mural that will be painted at the corner of Bogart and Thames streets in Brooklyn, NY through August 14th.

Above all, Google was able to differentiate and elevate the Google Sheets brand!  This just goes to show that art really can be made anywhere from anything.

Are you looking for creative advertising strategy for your brand? We can help! Shoot us an email and lets get this spreadsheet started!

Creative Advertising - Google spreadsheets


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