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Unless you are a true automotive enthusiast, chances are you have not heard of Spyker Cars – the Dutch supercar brand whose roots actually date back to the 1800s. After a lengthy (75 year) dormant period, the company was reborn in 2000. Since then, Spyker has delivered amazing designs and a small number of production cars for the truly elite of auto collectors. This year, however, the brand has taken its tagline – Nulla Tenaci Invia Est Via (“for the tenacious, no road is impassable”) – quite literally, and shifted their approach.

At the Geneva Motor Show in March, the brand kicked off their resurgence by introducing a new model – the B6 Venator – at a new price point (about $150K) and a new level of availability. Without losing its penchant for exclusivity, the brand looks to make triple digits (vs. double digits) available each year. Armed with this information, Spyker relied on public relations to spread the word – and spread it did, via media and social media. There was so much buzz that the BBC chose to track the brand’s progress and CEO’s path to delivering that promise via a new show – Escape from the Boardroom – shown to 300 million households, hotels, cruise ships, etc. worldwide. The content is also becoming part of the MBA program Open University in London. Here’s the trailer:

The Spyker episode was the inaugural show for this series, debuting last month. It provides the world a rare level of behind-the-scenes access to an exotic car company – and provides the brand unprecedented exposure. Spyker understands their customers and how to reach them: via legitimate word of mouth. That’s the power of public relations.

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