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Sustainability Waste Solutions Leader Taps S3 for Relaunch Campaign

Covanta Is Now Reworld™ – and They Chose The S3 Agency to Tell the World

Boonton, NJ (April 18, 2024) – Covanta has rebranded to Reworld™ as a way to capture a true transformation from a waste-to-energy company to a leader in sustainability waste solutions. To spread the news far and wide, the organization bestowed creative duties for a high-visibility launch campaign upon The S3 Agency. The result: the “Reimagine your world” omnichannel campaign launched yesterday.

“It was clear from our first meeting that this was much more than a name change,” said Denise Blasevick, CEO of The S3 Agency. “The rebrand followed years of significant investment and growth across service lines and geographies, all to serve a strategic bullseye: to help companies achieve carbon-negative goals by reimagining the power of waste. That’s a lofty mission of sustainability, and one that really spoke to our team.”

With the “Reimagine your world” campaign, S3 captured the essence of the Reworld™ mission with a simple, powerful message supported by clean, relatable imagery. The hero image of a small child literally examining a globe represents the fresh mindset of the Reworld™ team to solve complex waste challenges with meaningful impact. But that’s not all. It also represents people everywhere, with the campaign line acting as a rally cry to pull us together in this Herculean effort for a better future.

Reworld Launch

S3 backed this key static visual with a suite of video executions, including this inspirational execution that provides deeper insights into the Reworld transformation:

Additional campaign executions continue a strong focus on the human element, with specific images and copy supporting the five groundbreaking Reworld™ sustainable waste solutions service lines:

  • ReDirect360 (Zero Waste-to-Landfill),
  • ReDrop (Wastewater Treatment),
  • ReKiln (Alternative Fuel Engineering),
  • ReMove (Transportation and Logistics), and
  • ReCredit (Sustainable Carbon Offsets).
Reworld Wastewater

The Reworld™ launch campaign includes a robust media plan across highly targeted digital, outdoor, trade media, and more – including a Wall Street Journal full-page ad and website takeover on launch day.

WSJ website takeover

“This is a serious business transformation designed for serious impact sustainability, so the ‘Reimagine your world’ campaign required a media plan with strategically sound reach and frequency to impact the right audiences,” said Blasevick.

To learn more about the exciting transformation at Reworld™ and what it means for the planet, visit reworldwaste.com.


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