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My Truly Unforgettable Experience at S3

Today marks the last day of my internship with The S3 Agency. I learned a lot about the industry – certainly more than I did at school this semester – and best of all, I had fun doing it. Internships are a must for any college student who is serious about their career. I’m very fortunate to have had such a rewarding one this Fall.

Nervous was an understatement regarding my first day. Thankfully, the S3 team is so welcoming. My transition into agency life was helped by the extremely nice executive assistant, Susan, who gave me a tour and explain the ins-and-outs of the company culture. She’s one of many people who made my internship so special – and the people are what makes The S3 Agency so special.

Everyone was exceptionally kind, many initiating a conversation with me and introducing themselves. I certainly was not treated like “the temp” Ryan from the show The Office. They didn’t treat me any differently because of my young age. Joelle was patient and answered every question I had. Tricia was constantly saying something funny, which made Monday mornings fly by. Kristin, a recent college grad herself, gave me better career advice than any academic advisor ever has. I also received a lot of personal and professional advice from Tiffany and Jazmine at the S3 holiday party! When I am in their shoes not long from now, I will absolutely be going out of my way to make interns feel more comfortable just like they did for me.

In terms of what I actually learned, the hands-on experience I gained has been priceless. A textbook and PowerPoint can only teach you so much. One example: I learned how to effectively draft PR pitches and my writing skills improved drastically. I feel much more confident in my abilities now and look forward to only developing them more.

Your first professional experience is one you will never forget – and I am sure I will never forget S3. I feel extremely lucky to have interned here and honestly cannot imagine being in a different environment for future internships. I cannot thank Denise and Adam enough for giving me my first opportunity in my field of study.

Editor’s Note: Thank you, Bailey, for your kind words and your awesome presence here at the agency. We will miss you and we wish you the absolute beS3t of luck!


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