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The Best Commercials During Mad Men

What are the best ads running during the best show about advertising? I’m surprised at how few good ones there are to choose from, actually. That said, there are two clear winners.

In the category of ads starring a member of the cast, Joan (Christina Hendricks) is the bomb(shell) in the Johnnie Walker spot. Combining elements of her on-air role and her personal love of scotch – and adding in her inescapable classy sexiness that appeals to men and women – Hendricks is the ideal face of the brand, wherever this ad runs (and especially during Mad Men). In one fell swoop, Johnnie Walker has infused all the swanky cool of Mad Men into their brand and their bottle. Great stuff.

As for ads not starring a Mad Men cast member, the winner is Das Auto. The German carmaker’s commercial for the new Beetle convertible features a man wearing a ski mask entering a convenience store – clad as if to rob the joint. He then surprises the owner by paying. And when he returns to his VW parked outside, amidst a winter snowscape, we see his car mates all wearing ski masks so they can enjoy the top-down benefits despite the arctic temperatures. The spot is already great – then to add a little cherry on top, the music playing in the store is Mr. Trololo of viral video fame. What a clever way to tie into pop culture. Sehr gut.

~ @AdvertGirl


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