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To advertise or not to advertise? On the Super Bowl, that is. A client asked me that question this week – specifically asking what’s better, to spend $3 million running an ad one time on the Super Bowl or spending that budget on a campaign with more run time. For my money, the answer is an easy one: Go Big or Go Home. Using traditional media metrics of reach and frequency, this one-time airing provides both and so much more.

I know, I know – there are many variables…which teams are playing, how well do they play, who’s the half-time show (no really), what’s the weather like, what else is going on in the news world…but still, the Super Bowl is the ONLY time the American public WANTS to see commercials. And it’s the only time that ALL OTHER MAJOR MEDIA talks about the best and worst of those commercials. Then everyone and their mother TALKS, TEXTS and POSTS about these ads.

Just look at the Doritos baby. The Super Bowl has become the trifecta: it combines advertising, public relations and social media into one big buzz maker for those who do it right. That’s why now, as summer is starting, 80% of next year’s Super Bowl spots have already been spoken for – at a record high of $3.8 mil per :30 commercial. [Source

Got $3, er, $4 Mil burning a hole in your advertising budget? Unless you are a brand who strategically eschews mainstream awareness (über-high-end luxury brands enjoyed by the 1%, perhaps, or under-the-radar products who would die on the mainstream vine), I say do it – but do it right. Make sure your message breaks through enough to be noticed, and to be noticed specifically as your brand not just as some cool artsy piece. Continue that messaging with a social media campaign that drives relevant, desirable engagement after the spot airs. Especially if you are a smaller brand – people will be surprised to see your commercial in this high-profile arena, giving them even more reason to talk (and pushing your brand into modern consumer consciousness).

~ @AdvertGirl


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