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Good Earth Tea, best known for its seemingly un-copyable signature  “Sweet & Spicy” that fuses cinnamon and orange and myriad other incredible ingredients, is launching two new completely original flavors: Cocoa Tango (think smooth cocoa with a fiery kick of chili pepper) and Sweetly Twisted (think sweet tart, er, start with tangy twist). The fusion-famous tea brand is launching a social media campaign with BUTI Fitness – a fusion of yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics – to shake up this typically sleepy herbal tea category. And shake it this campaign does – literally – with Bizzie Gold, the celeb fitness trainer who created BUTI and who Jennifer Love Hewitt just credited for her hot new body in SHAPE magazine! Nothing sleepy about BUTI or this campaign, that’s for sure.

Good Earth just made its YouTube debut by launching three FREE, full-length BUTI workout videos inspired by its Sweet & Spicy, Cocoa Tango and Sweetly Twisted teas. Gold created a special move for each of the new flavors and integrated that into the workout – a first for any tea brand as far as we can tell. Why tea and fitness? Well, Gold also happens to be a Good Earth tea drinker, and she drinks hers iced while working out. Here’s a look at the BUTI Fitness Cocoa Tango workout:

Of course, the brand has also stuck its BUTI into all of its social media channels, so be sure to check out Good Earth’s Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook – where they are currently running a sweepstakes to give away free BUTI DVDs.

The brand wanted an untamed campaign to launch their new untamed teas. How do I know? Because my agency created this BUTI-ful campaign (full disclosure and all). That aside, this is the most original tea launch I’ve seen in this category in quite some time, possibly ever. ~ @AdvertGirl



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