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The Decommoditization of Soy Sauce

Aren’t all soy sauces alike? Not according to Kikkoman, where tradition rules.

I’ve never thought much about soy sauce companies, but when I ran across an ad for Kikkoman’s documentary premiere in December I had to check it out. After the initial shock of having to watch a 24 minute YouTube video, I am happy to say that I did. This film takes you through the history of Kikkoman, where the craft of naturally brewing soy sauce for 19 generations along with a family creed of 16 articles has guided the company for over 300 years. From taste to bottle design to employee relations, Kikkoman clearly shows that it is an inspiration – and I’ll be thinking about this differentiator the next time I buy soy sauce. ~ Stefanie Fernandez, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency


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