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The Fist of Goodness

(or: Don’t Let Your Creative Idea Overshadow Your Brand)

I like this this commercial (“Don’t Fall Into a Dinner Party”) and this entire campaign, from an entertainment standpoint. It’s fun to watch a story unfold over 30 seconds, where someone’s life radically, unexpectedly, hysterically changes due to not having a certain product in their lives. Therein lies the rub – and the reason that I don’t quite adore this campaign from an advertising standpoint. What product, exactly, is missing from the lives of the poor people in these ads? That part – you know, the name of the advertiser these commercials are supposed to be promoting – isn’t so memorable. In fact, after having just seen this commercial, I turned to my husband and said, “What was that campaign for? Cablevision?” He didn’t know. Turns out it’s for DirecTV. And if DirecTV just made their own product name a little more obvious at the end of this spot, I’d dig it even more. Guess I’ll just have to settle for chuckling at “the fist of goodness” (which is a truly genius line of copy). ~ @AdvertGirl


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