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The Killer PR and Advertising Campaigns of Shark Week

It’s no secret that I adore sharks – I have ever since my father took me to see JAWS when I was 5 years old (a little young, I know). So it’s pretty obvious I’m a fan of Shark Week. Who isn’t, really? But that’s not just because I like fish themselves – I also like the campaigns that have made Shark Week famous in the design community.

So each August I’ll plop down on the couch to catch an hour or so every night of these magnificent creatures wreak havoc on surfers, fisherman and unlucky seals. I’ll also be on the lookout for great Shark Week PR and Advertising campaigns. This Shark Week commercial probably takes the cake – or the seal, for that matter:

~ Mike Kolatac, Sr. Art Director, The S3 Agency


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