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The Only Supermarket Ad Anyone Is Talking About This Holiday Season…

EDEKA, the German supermarket chain, has released a holiday commercial that’s making itself known around the world due to its unexpected emotional power. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t mention special food prices, offerings, or the other types of subject matter typically seen in a grocery store ad. Take a look for yourself (and don’t worry, it has English subtitles):

I feel this an inspiring ad that pulls at the heartstrings to remind us what is truly important around the holidays: family. Even if you have to fake your own death to trick family into coming together to realize that…but I guess that’s ok when you’re the father and that’s the only way to drag your grown children away from their own busy lives to teach them a truly valuable lesson.

The spot is beautifully shot and sends a strong message, with no mention of the EDEKA brand until the logo at the very end. Rather, the brand’s purpose is bigger than that: EDEKA is bonding the family, around the dinner table. The dark, bizarre, and ultimately completely forgivable twist is what pulls at the heartstrings – and it’s why a German grocery store commercial is becoming a viral sensation, with a message that translates into any language.

~ Kevin Paccione, Graphic Designer, The S3 Agency


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