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The Power of Taylor Swift (Again)

Did you enjoy watching Taylor Swift fall on her face? So did Drake.

I’ve already talked about how I feel about Taylor Swift and her impact on social media, but this most recent news actually blew me away. You probably count for one of 37 million views on Apple Music’s recent ad featuring Taylor face planting on a treadmill. I watched it, was amused and simply went on with my day. The reason people love Swift so much is because she puts off this “totally relatable girl next door who is actually a billionaire” vibe.  Those who dislike Taylor may have watched it just to see her fall on her face. Either way.

What I’m most impressed by is the numbers. The video was viewed 37 million times. Drake’s iTunes sales of “Jumpman,” the song Swift is running to, are up 431%. 431%!? That is an awesome amount. Tell me a brand who wouldn’t be satisfied with results like that, and I’ll say you’re lying. Also the playlist seen in the commercial, #gymflow, has grown 325%. It is now the No. 5 Apple playlist of the week.

Sure, credit should be given where deserved. Apple ads are notorious for using songs that then explode in popularity. For me, this round goes to Taylor. The video debuted on her Instagram, which has a mere 73 million followers. As far as I’m concerned, anything and everything Taylor Swift touches turns to gold. Now if we could only do something about that haircut…



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