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The S3 Agency Awards Free Creative Services to the Monmouth County Historical Association

Services from S FREE, S3’s pro bono program, will support the Association’s pursuit of preservation.

(August 1, 2017, Boonton, N.J.) – The S3 Agency is proud to announce the Monmouth County Historical Association as the recipient of its pro bono program, S FREE. Last year, S3 launched S FREE as a way to give back by donating the award-winning creative agency’s services to organizations that are too small, too new, or too non-profit to pay for them. The Monmouth County Historical Association (MCHA), a non-profit that collects, preserves, and interprets Monmouth County’s history and culture, will be the third organization to benefit from S FREE. (Previous recipients include the Congenital Heart Defect Coalition and the Liberty Humane Society.)

“We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to help support meaningful businesses and non-profits with S FREE, and we’re looking forward to helping Monmouth County Historical Association by creating a new website that better represents who they are and all they have to offer,” says Denise Blasevick, CEO of The S3 Agency. “Being located in the historical town of Boonton ourselves, our team respects the important work MCHA is doing – and we want to help more people discover this local cultural treasure.”

Monmouth County Historical Association is committed to enriching the quality of life to county residents and beyond by preserving and passing on knowledge of its diverse heritage for future generations. Their mission is to promote the importance and also enjoyment of studying and appreciating regional and national history through educational programming, publications, special exhibits, and research services. Combating the vanishing architectural heritage, MCHA currently preserves and interprets five significant historical sites.

“S3 offering pro bono creative and design services to a non-profit organization such as ours is most welcome! Monmouth County Historical Association is so thrilled to have been selected to be the recipient of this generous grant program,” said Linda W. Bricker, MCHA President. “We are running to keep up with the responsibilities involved in maintaining and sharing our Museum, Research Library, Archives, 5 historic House Museums and countless Education Programs. A redesign of our website will properly reflect the breadth of our work and further enable MCHA to reach a larger audience, grow participation, and support our preservation of the remarkable history of Monmouth County.”

The S3 Agency created S FREE to donate their advertising, public relations, and social media services to eligible organizations located in NJ and with less than $1,000,000 in annual revenue or fundraising. The next application period begins in September 2017 at www.ineedSFREE.com.

For more information about S FREE, visit www.ineedSFREE.com. For more information about The S3 Agency, please visit www.theS3agency.com.




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