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The S3 Agency to Become the World’s First Hypoallergenic Advertising Agency.

S3 Becomes Agency of Record for BetterAir, World’s First Air and Surface Probiotic Purifiers

BOONTON, N.J. (October 7, 2019) – The S3 Agency in Boonton, NJ is poised to become the world’s first hypoallergenic advertising agency – thanks to their newest client, BetterAir, makers of the world’s first air and surface probiotic purifiers. Not only has S3 been named Agency of Record for this groundbreaking health technology, but the agency will be installing BetterAir probiotic purifiers throughout its headquarters – leveraging the power of environmental probiotics to create a healthier workspace for their employees.

BetterAir is far more effective than an air filter, since allergens like pollen, mold spores and pet dander reside on indoor surfaces – not in the air. They are launched into the air by the faintest movement, but then land back on surfaces, where they continue to propagate. BetterAir purifiers put a faint mist of proprietary, all-natural environmental probiotics into the air so they can land on all the surfaces – and actively consume allergens that trigger asthmatic and allergic reactions. The result: a rebalanced indoor ecology designed for optimum health.

“BetterAir is the only air purification system that treats the root cause of indoor air pollution, consuming organic allergens as well as the food sources that germs and pathogens need in order to multiply, thereby minimizing their presence. That leaves fewer pathogens on surfaces, which results in cleaner air, surfaces and objects,” said Tom Staub, President, BetterAir. “It’s an amazingly effective solution that can be amazingly difficult to explain to someone who has never heard of it. That’s why we have hired The S3 Agency to refine our approach and execute our marketing – so we can help as many people as possible.”

“When a breakthrough technology like BetterAir enters the marketplace, it is often met with a combination of confusion and disbelief. After all, they are solving a problem that people don’t realize exists – indoor ecologies that are working against their health – and the solution almost sounds too good to be true,” said The S3 Agency’s President and Co-Founder, Denise Blasevick. “But after digesting the extensive research BetterAir provided, it became clear that this is a product that must be championed for healthier living. That’s why we are absolutely thrilled to be BetterAir’s Agency of Record – and to bring BetterAir’s revolutionary probiotic power to our offices for the benefit of our employees.”

The S3 Agency’s initial campaign focus will be on digital and social channels to drive awareness of the benefits of BetterAir’s probiotic approach to indoor living space purification. For more information, visit BetterAir.


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