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The Secret to Viral Videos? The Manning Brothers!

Yesterday, DIRECTV launched #FootballOnYourPhone, and it’s an unqualified viral success with over two million views so far. Why? First take a look:

Everything about this video screams “winner.” Peyton & Eli in retro threads rapping a ridiculous-yet-educational-and-catchy ditty about Football On Your Phone. The MTV Cribs style videography. Lines like “Now is your chance to have football on your phone and football in your pants.” Even a surprise visit from Papa Manning. You finish watching this video 1) wanting to watch it again, 2) wanting to share it with others, and 3) fully aware that you can now watch football on your phone. You may even find yourself doing the #FootballOnYourPhone quarterback pass-style dance move that permeates the video. But we won’t judge you for it.

~ @AdvertGirl, CEO, The S3 Agency


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