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Them’s Fightin’ Words, Seamless

Almost all of the Seamless ads I’ve seen have had two things in common: they’re found exclusively on New York subways, and they’ve featured solid-but-hardly-memorable headlines. After switching from their in-house advertising division to the NY-based agency BBH, it’s apparent that we’re in for more of the same. For all you non-Hikikomori Millennials, Seamless takes an expansive array of food orders from your supercomputer of choice. Pizza delivery for every type of restaurant, all-in-one (but we know you’re only in it for hungover pizza, anyways).

The typeface is lovingly Gotham. The interplay of red, goldenrod, and teal is gleeful in unity and shines amidst a cloud of slate grey and Helvetica on the NYC subway system. While the headlines drive laughs, the design is really the star of the show, as you’ll see in all of their ads, such as:

…Oh HELL NO. As New Jersey’s leading authority on all things culinary copy, I’m offended. Yeah, it’s suggesting that those East of the Hudson are inventive risk-takers with refined palettes, but I’ve taken it as a scorned lover: keep our name out of your mouth. Be cute and kitschy without the potshots, Seamless. Quite a few of of those subway riders happen to reside in the Garden State.

~ Chase Cambria, Jr. Copywriter, The S3 Agency


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